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About Us  
Farmson is the pioneer and leading manufacturer of API Paracetamol / Acetaminophen based in India with a strong global presence and dominant position in the domestic market.

We are equipped with three state-of-art manufacturing units, two units manufacturing Paracetamol based at Nandesari, Vadodara and the third unit for manufacturing Para Amino Phenol based at Jhagadia in the state of Gujarat, in western part of India.

"Farmson is the pioneer and leading manufacturer and exporter of Paracetamol / Acetaminophen in India"

The Company owes its leadership to the "Seven Avenues to Super Success" -
  • Complete Customer Satisfaction
  • Update Indigenous Technology
  • Research Orientation and Team Work
  • Single Product Policy
  • Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Total Quality Management
  • Large Production Capacity