Paracetamol - Uses, Side Effects  

Paracetamol /acetaminophen is Multipurpose Medicine

Paracetamol is sold all over the world with different brand names, and is considered as an effective and versatile drug. It is one of the mist commonly drug uses as Analgesic (for curing pain) and Antipyretic (for curing fever). The paracetamol is available in the market as finished formulations/tablets, capsules, syrups and injectable both in branded and generic segments. Apart from pain paracetamol various other symptoms like cold, flu, muscle and joint pains etc.

Studies have shown that it works by hampering the production and activity of cells in the brain which are involved in generating pain.

The facts about the function of Paracetamol were not exactly known till many years after its lunch in the market. However, it worked well for reducing pain sensation and fever from the body. These are some of the reasons why it has become one of the most popular drug used in the world for the treatment of these symptoms. .

Side effects from Paracetamol are rare but can’t be neglected .

Paracetamol can cause adverse effect on the body if consumed more than the prescribed dosage. An overdose of paracetamol can damage the liver however that can also be treated if diagnosed within reasonable time period.