Paracetamol Overdose  


Treatment for paracetamol overdose
Did you ever come across someone with an overdose of paracetamol? It is one of the safest pain killers when used according to the prescription of the physician. If the medicine is consumed excess it may be harmful. If the overdose is kept for longer period without treatment then it may lead to severe liver damage and the only way for the treatment left can be its transplantation. However, instant helps are provided at the emergency room of the hospitals.
There is an anti dose available in the market for the treatment of acetaminophen overdose. Acetyl Cysteine is an anti dose available for paracetamol. Overdose of the medicine can be treated with Acetyl Cysteine, if the liver damaged by the overdose is treated regularly with it then chances are there are chances for the liver to save. The reason for behind the possibility to save liver is due to the mechanism by which paracetamol is processed by the liver. 
The molecule of acetaminophen is broken down into four main metabolites in the liver. Out of four main metabolites three of them are completely harmless and they account for up to 80% of the byproducts of metabolism. The remaining 20% is converted to a highly reactive compound known as n-acetyl-p-benzoquinone imine, otherwise known as NAPQI for short. Fortunately for your liver, this toxic compound can be rendered harmless using the body's most abundant cellular antioxidant, glutathione.
It is always recommended small dose of paracetamol generic powder because the liver is able to function on the small quantity. When large amount of the medicine are taken then large amount of n-acetyl-p-benzoquinome imine is produced and the liver stored of glutathione are rapidly used. Once gluthathione are gone then the NAPQI become free to cause enough damage to protein and nucleic acid in liver cell by killing them off. Acetyl Cysteine acts as a good source for supplying raw material to the liver to make gluthathione. These allow the liver to process over NAPQI and prevent lever damage. 
Note: It's always adviceable to take any medicine under doctors regulatory.